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North Willamette Valley

Washington, Yamhill, Polk, Multnomah, Clackamas, and north Marion counties


Clackamas County

Marquam is a cross roads town but the roads aren't much and it shows. They have for the last several years had a really popular county style restaurant called the Markum Inn, but alas it burned down last summer (2014). A sign says rebuilding is under way, but the prospects look pretty bleak. Anyway, when you are here if you want to sound like a local say 'Mar-Kum'. If you want to sound like an outsider say 'Mar-Quam' like your GPS does! The old Marquam Hotel is well preserved as a residence now. About 15 years ago it was really run down, but some careing new owners have really restored it. In the summer the south east corner of the intersection has one of the best farmer outlet stands in the area. Their corn on the cob is cheap and tasty. You pay with the honor system most of the time.