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Marion County, 97032

Hubbard is one more town on Hiway 99E that I-5 bypassed and left to die. The residents have fought back with industrial development and civic pride. The Hubbard Hop festival each August is a classic street dancing, crowd milling event with a strong Hispanic flavor. The city park has a splendid little fountain on the pattern of Portland's "Northwest Rain" fountain at the Rose Garden, only smaller. I will try to get photos of the fountain and some hop fields next summer (2001) (still haven't done it, 2009). Wow, it is 2012 and I finally have the "hop" pictures on line. I took them two years ago! That is either great focus or great procrastination, I am not sure which. While many people happily drink beer few actually know what a hop plant looks like. There is a great history of Hubbard on the city web page.