Oregon Map

North Willamette Valley

Washington, Yamhill, Polk, Multnomah, Clackamas, and north Marion counties


Washington County, 97140

As a small town Sherwood is going by the wayside. Hundreds of new homes were built in the late 1990's for commuters and the town now sprawls across the landscape. It still maintains, however, a very distinctive old town district which holds interest for antique shoppers and hungry souls. The red gas pump pictured is the sole object in the smallest mini-park I have seen. The pump is meticulously restored and the sign reads "Rudy Olsen gas pump park". Three large blocks to sit on are offered as well as a garbage can to catch the trash. The park is about 15' wide and 40' long. Someday I will learn the rest of the story and print it here. Clancy's is a nice pub and grub style place to eat and half a dozen antique stores are scattered about the area. The downtown area could use some sprucing up which I suppose will be forthcoming.