Oregon Map

South Central Plateau

Klamath and Lake Counties

New Pine Creek

Lake County, 97635

This town almost did not make it into Small Town Oregon. It sits astraddle the Oreogn/California border and even the locals do not always know what state they are in! We fortunately found a workman who set us straight. The state line runs from town down State Line Lane to Goose lake. The post office is in Oregon and that leaves the California residents in a lurch. A call to the Sears service man sometimes results in the the comment "That town does not exist!" I have to confess, we drove thru it and had to turn around and go back. New Pine Creek is a bonafide small Oregon (one-half) town on the shore of beautiful Goose Lake. The south side is in Modoc county and the north side is in Lake county. We could not ascertain the fate of "Old Pine Creek."