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South Central Plateau

Klamath and Lake Counties


Klamath County, 97731

Gateway to Crater Lake National Park

Chemult is the name of a Klamath chief who was one of the 26 who signed the treaty of October 14, 1864. At an elevation of 4,758 feet Chemult sits in the north end of the Klamath county on Highway 97. In 1924 the location was called Knott while Southern Pacific built the Cascade Line. When the line was opened to traffic in 1926 the location became Chemult. A post office by that name was opened the same year (from Wikipedia). In the 1950's we hunted mule deer in the Walker Rim area just east of here. I could see the Walker Mountain lookout as we passed, but no longer recognized the access roads we used. This is where I developed a life-long fondness for Ponderosa pine trees.