Oregon Map

North Central Plateau

Hood River, Jefferson, Sherman, Morrow, Wasco and Wheeler Counties

Tygh Valley

Wasco County, 97063

Start of the Barlow Trail

On the long trip south from The Dalles to Madras on Highway 197 Tygh Valley is a welcome break. If you miss it, turn around and go back! The town is just far enough off the road to be pleasant. You don't hear the jake brakes barking like they do at Maupin. The general store is typically offering gas, ice, antiques and everything else. The south wall has some dry rot, but in dry country that is not a big problem. The Saloon looks pretty prosperous. If you packed a picnic lunch drive the mile or two out to the Wasco county fairgrounds. They have lots of shade, picnic tables and green grass. And yes they have toilets too! The Barlow Road carried pioneers through here in covered wagons in the mid-1800's as settlers tried to avoid the harrowing and expensive river passage from The Dalles down stream on the Columbia. Several places lay claim to be the "start of the Barlow Road" including Tygh Valley, Wamic and Gates Creek. I think the pioneers actually had to start paying at Gates Creek, but they turned off the main trail at The Dalles, at least at first.