Oregon Map

North Central Plateau

Hood River, Jefferson, Sherman, Morrow, Wasco and Wheeler Counties


Wasco County, 97021

Ask not what you can do for Dufur, but what Dufur can do for you

Dufur is about as interesting as small towns get. It shares the regions wealth of recreational opportunities and boasts a strong agricultural economic base. The town nestles in a small valley just off Hiway 197 so its downtown is not marred with the roar of semi-trucks like Grass Valley or Moro. Fifteen Mile creek laces through town reminding folks that the location was once named after the creek. Somewhere around 1850 the Dufur family settled there and started farming so the name was changed. The community maintains an excellent museum focusing on early farming machinery. The second weekend in August the town holds its annual threshing bee complete with exhibitions of old farming equipment in operation. You can stay overnight in Dufur at the beautifully restored Balch Hotel for as little as $70 if you do not mind sharing a bath down the hall. Their web page is worth a look!