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North Central Plateau

Hood River, Jefferson, Sherman, Morrow, Wasco and Wheeler Counties


Wheeler County

Home of the best small town rodeo in the west!

Spray was named for a prominent stockman, John Fremont Spray, who settled at the site of Spray in 1900; his wife filed the town plat that same year, on May 19. The post office was established a few days later with Spray as postmaster. This nice little town is located in the heart of the John Day river valley and is the gateway to a true sportsman's paradise. We were lucky to arrive when the rodeo was in progress and a lot of people were in town. We arrived from Mitchell and were on our way to Fossil so had to keep moving. We did not get to stay for the rodeo. I wish now we had taken the detour to Monument also. We may never make it there now.