Oregon Map

North Oregon Coast


Tillimaook County, 97141

Gateway to the Oregon Coast

One would think I would have a treasure trove of information on Tillamook since I have been there a hundred times, but that is not so. I eat Tillamook cheese, Tillamook jerky, and Tillamook ice cream, but I can't remember the camera when I'm there. Environmental concerns are pressuring the dairymen to move out. They have established a huge dairy at Boardman in Three Mile Canyon so now the environmental concerns are over there! The old World War II blimp hangers still hover darkly over the landscape attesting to the past but providing little promise for the future. Tourism, on the other hand has the whole Oregon coast economy buzzing and Tillamook benefits. Because Tillamook is not actually on the ocean Garibaldi steals a bit of its thunder by providing fishing and ocean resources.