Oregon Map

North Oregon Coast


Clatsop County, 97121

Hammond is the last place in Oregon you can get on a boat to go over the Columbia bar into the Pacific Ocean. Consequently the bar pilot boats use the Hammond boat basin along with hoards of fishermen depending on the season. Being a bar pilot is a dangerous and well paid job. As the huge oceangoing ships approach the Columbia bar they call for a pilot to guide them. In all kinds of weather one of the pilot boats from Hammond will take out an experienced bar pilot who knows every sand spit and current in every season to guide the big ship in. In Astoria the bar pilot disembarks and a Columbia river pilot boards if the ship is headed up stream to Longview or Portland. For the strong hikers in the group there is a trail along the waterfront from Hammond to Warrenton which snakes along 4.5 miles of river front. Fort Stevens state park is also nearby for an interesting side trip. I think the wreck of the Peter Iredale is there but I will have to confirm that.