Oregon Map

North Oregon Coast


Tillamook County, 97131

If you want to take a nature drive from the coast back to Portland take Highway 53 eastbound off Highway 101 at the Nehalem junction just north of Wheeler. Better take your Dramimine before you start. You will quickly come to Mohler, the last settlement until you reach Highway 26 at the Necanicum junction. We just about dismissed Mohler on the day we passed through, but the place had a winery and that caught our attention. The next thing you know they will have a Starbucks! As you can see from my pictures we took only a few. Needing some filler for my page I did some research and I am pleased that I did. The Mohler family in America dates back to the 1700's. The family icon made his first money producing wheelbarrows for the gold rush in California. After the rush died down he returned to the mid-west to continue his career as an industrialist and eventually developed the Studebaker automobile! The story is amazing and the Mohler family keeps a nice picture web site of the whole thing! Click to go to the Mohler family picture site.