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Douglas County, 97443

Glide is another place you have to be going to get there. I mean you need to be going from Roseburg to Diamond Lake to get there. I will do that one of these days and take some pictures. Glide is the gateway to the fabulous North Umpqua river recreation area. When I used to fish that river in the 1960's and 1970's it was famous worldwide for steelhead fly fishing. I hope it still is. (time break)

Well, I finally made it to Glide again (7/2006) and not much has changed. We were returning from Crater Lake via Diamond Lake when we passed through. The school is still there where I played baseball in the early 1960's. The sawmill is still there and fortunately is still running. The fishing holes on the North Umpqua look pretty much the same as they did 40 years ago. Life moves slowly in a small town like this. Glide has no formal "downtown" so was probably never actually platted. It just grew up at the intersection of the North Umpqua river and the Little river. Glide is what the rivers do as they flow by.