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Douglas County, 97442

I keep speeding on by the Glendale exit when I go to California bass fishing so I have no pictures. I am in too much of a hurry going and too tired returning to stop for pictures. Glendale is a few miles off the interstate so takes a little extra effort to visit. I do remember, however, playing high school baseball there about 1960. They had a killer pitcher who could throw a 90 mile per hour fast ball. I fouled him off three times before he struck me out. My coach said I did really well. I never had a chance! Good news. I finally took some pictures of Glendale (fall, 2008). Glendale is still a mill town, one of the few left in Oregon. Each end of town has a large prosperous sawmill operation. The downtown is, however, dominated by the main north-south rail line, and even has a small switching yard. One side of main street is the railroad, and the other side is the commercial district. Just like Portland this place was originally called Stumptown because of the logging activities. After trying a couple of other names it ended up as Glendale. Like Oakland fire has burned the downtown twice so not many old buildings are left.