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Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua

Douglas County


Douglas County, 97417

This used to be a sleepy little town with a couple of gas stations to feed the I-5 freeway. Then the seven local Indian bands built the Seven Feathers Casino and changed the face of town forever. The town is very much divided now with the Casino district on the north end being very prosperous looking and the southern and older part of town looking very much like it did in the 1960's. In those days our Myrtle Creek JV baseball team would play the Canyonville Bible Academy team, usually with good results. I don't know if the CBA is still there. I remember Canyonville from my childhood simply as the junction where the road cut over to Shady Cove on the way to Crater Lake or Klamath Falls. The old second hand stores are now antique shops so if you are into old stuff it is a great little town. Or if you like to gamble. Otherwise the junction is still there.