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Central Eastern Desert

Grant and Baker Counties


Baker County, 97834

As you might guess Halfway is between two locations. Some say it is the ghost towns of Pine and Cornucopia and others say it is halfway between the North Pole and South Pole. In any case they really stirred things up in 1999 when they agreed to change the name to Half.com for a sum of money from an internet company. It was a deal with the devil that never really worked out so the town gave up on it. Except for that brush with fame and an earlier one when a little gold was found nearby Halfway has always been a farming and ranching town. The town hosts the Pine Valley Rodeo each year. The economy is now supported by jobs with Idaho Power and their three hyrdo-electric dams on the nearby Snake river. I have been to Halfway but can't find the photos. I remember sitting in a cafe an extra hour waiting for the bakery across the street to bring in the days supply of pie. It was worth the wait. The next day we hit Hells Canyon in rafts!