Oregon Map

North Central Plateau

Hood River, Jefferson, Sherman, Morrow, Wasco and Wheeler Counties


Sherman County, 97039

The county seat of Sherman county

Moro is one of the small towns of the North Central Plateau. Agriculture is the economy and they have been at it so long the whole place looks like an antique shop. It is 20 miles north to Condon and 20 miles south to Grass Valley and you can't go sideways very far. If you are in Moro you might as well enjoy it. The town has a nice welcome sign and the state just rebuilt the highway so things might be looking up. We were there Sunday morning and had to go without breakfast as we did not know any of the locals. How Moro came to be the county seat is a story I do not know, but I suppose it entailed a substantial amount of local politics and intrigue. Perhaps some day I can check that one out.