Oregon Map

Columbia River Gorge

Hood River, Sherman, Gilliam, and Morrow Counties

Cascade Locks

Hood River County, 97014

Heart of the Gorge

Cascade Locks is a great little town, touched perhaps too much by prosperity, but I am sure the town folk are happy to see the prosperity arrive. It wasn't always that way. In the summer the Port of Cascade Locks runs the sternwheeler Columbia Gorge on sightseeing and dinner cruises. The scenery on a daytime cruise is some of the most stunning you will ever see. We prefer to take the evening cruise in summer so we can watch the fading light play across the gorge cliffs. It is a never ending spectacle. This part of the Columbia River is backed up by Bonneville Dam so it is much like a long lake. The modern day Bridge of the Gods crosses here to Washington on the site of the legendary Bridge of the Gods of Indian lore. In prehistoric times a huge landslide dammed the Columbia River and the natives could cross on foot. The story is long and interesting but I will try to tell it somewhere else. This whole stretch of the Columbia has great fishing and water sports opportunities. Weather from the east meets weather from the west here. Caution: it can quickly get slick, white, and crazy in the winter.