Oregon Map

Columbia River Gorge

Hood River, Sherman, Gilliam, and Morrow Counties

Biggs 'Junction'

Sherman County, 97065

Folks I know just call this place Biggs, but I think the official name is Biggs Junction. They used to have a post office named Biggs, but most references are to Biggs Junction. The junction is I-5 with Hiway 97, which if you have studied this site thoroughly you will know as the AlCan Hiway. It literally starts in Weed, Calif. and ends up in Alaska! Biggs is mostly truck stops, motels and restaurants. The main attraction is the Mary Hill Museum and the model Stonehenge site just across the river in Washington (also claimed by Rufus). In Oregon Trail lore Biggs is the first place the pioneers would see the Columbia river as the trail in that area followed what is now the Hiway 97 route.