Oregon Map

Mid-Willamette Valley

Marion, Linn, Benton, Polk County


Linn County, 97377

On our last trip (Aug, 2009) we went out of our way to have breakfast at the Shedd Cafe but found it closed. It seems the proprietors take two days off each year and that was one of them! Shedd is grass seed country in the extreme. Much of the world's supply of grass seed is grown in the Willamette valley and Shedd is in the heart of it all. Huge metal storage sheds and expansive flat fields dominate the landscape. Do not think, however, that the town derives its name from the storage facilities. An early landowner, Captain Frank Shedd provided the early name of Shedd's Station. After several minor name changes the spelling "Shedd" stuck. The day I missed breakfast at the Shedd Cafe (I had read an article about it in the "Oregonian") I was headed to Canyonville for a class reunion of the 1963-1965 Myrtle Creek High members. I rather accidentialy found out there that Jim Coon, who was one year behind me in school, has relatives who live in Shedd. He claims they have been on their farms continuously for over 150 years! He is supposed to send me supporting information and photos, but being a busy Realtor in Roseburg he probably is short on time (or memory).