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Linn County, 97327

Brownsville is one of the best known historical towns in Oregon. Very much like Jacksonville only smaller, Brownsville features a fully restored and operating main street. I was amazed to see that even the lumber yard operates out of antique facilities. Several early settlers arrived in the Brownsville area about 1846. The Calappooia river played an important role in the settlement and later economic development of the area. At first the focus was Kirk's ferry, but later a mill race from the river supplied power to industry well into the mid-twentieth centry. With all that history it still seems the greatest claim to fame in Brownsville is the filming of the movie "Stand by Me." I really liked that movie but have gotten more mileage out of the title. I lay it on my close friends every now and then. Before leaving town we had lunch at the Brownsville Saloon and had a really great burger!