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In the 1980's Portland DJ's would make fun of Scappose because of its name. No wonder it is so introverted. Well, those DJ's are gone and Scappose is doing well. Somehow they talked the hiway department into a totally new main street which looks really nice. This is home to the Steinfeld pickle plant which you might want to visit. If not, at least look at the numerous rail tank cars parked on the siding filled with sugar. Nowhere else have I seen so many empty calories! Just north of Scappose is Scappose bay, a hot spot for fishing of all sorts. The port of St Helens maintains a very nice facility where one can launch for a $5.00 fee. Pan fish, bass, sturgeon, walleye and salmon make up the catch here and other wildlife abounds. Bald eagles are a common sight along with geese, ducks, blue herons, river otters, beaver, and a whole raft of lesser creatures. The bay has also become an active kayaking area with rentals available at the launch.