Oregon Map

Lower Columbia River

Columbia and Clatsop Counties


Clatsop County, 97103

Knappa used to have a post office up until about 1943. I have not even been able to find where the PO used to be. In fact the settlement is so dispersed it is hard to find a house. The local school district still bears the Knappa name (that of an early settler, one Aaron Knapp, Jr, I am told). The area exhibits a strong northern European flavor dating from the days when experienced loggers and mill hands came from Europe to work in the great northwest forests.

The area is filled with oxbow lakes and swamps along the Columbia. This is where I took the photo of the bald eagle shown in the header above moments before he plunged into Brownsmeade slough to capture a fish. Alas, I was lucky to get the still photo, but I am still wishing for a video!