Oregon Map

Mid Central Plateau

Deschutes and Crook Couties


Deschutes County, 97712

Located on Hiway 20 east of Bend about 50 miles, Brothers is just large enough to occupy both sides of the road for a short distance. I think the highway department has even added a rest area since I last was there. The focus of town is the Brothers Stage Stop, a catchall store, restaurant and gas station. They were out of gas the day I was there, but breakfast was good. The local populace is proud the their little town and do a lot of volunteer work to keep the grade school active. High school students must travel to distant towns as boarding students. The Stage Stop proprietors tell fascinating stories of the area and the schooling system. Be sure to look them up when in town. They are not hard to find.
On the way from Bend to Brothers be sure to check out the dry gorge. It is a fascinating story. Millennia ago a giant lake formed there as a result of the ice ages. Draining water cut this deep and rugged gorge but now there is no sign of water nearby. But from the overview just off Hiway 90 looking east one can see the old lake bed.