Oregon Map

South Willamette Valley

Lane County


Linn County, 97446

One can drive through Harrisburg without paying attention and find little or nothing. But if you stop and walk the river or take a walking tour of the murals in town and the scene changes greatly. The town retains its charm but still is just minutes from the freeway and regional metropolitan centers. The Willamette river rolls quietly by as it has since 1866 when the town was established. The Burlington Northern line and the Oregon electric railroad pass through the middle of town and that may lead to some excitement. Passenger rail proponents are now suggesting that high speed passenger trains could run more efficently on this old Oregon electic line than on the busy Southern Pacific line to the east. That would wake up the town--an electric passenger train whoosing through town at 120 mph! Probably no need to refurbish the depot. I am sure they won't stop.