Oregon Map

South Oregon Coast

Coos and Curry Counties

Myrtle Point

Coos County, 97458

The Hub of Coos County

Myrtle Point is far enough inland from the ocean to escape the worst of the winter weather yet it is close enough to enjoy the bounties of the beaches year around. Like Myrtle Creek, this town is named for the aromatic Myrtle trees that line the streams in the area. There is an interesting bit of hitory about the Guerin family ranch and hotel around 1900. Check it out. The hilltop town site provides great views from most of its neighborhoods. The local A&W still provides car hop service just like the one in Winston (December, 2000). The gnomes who set up the ZIP code system did it alphabetically by state so Myrtle Point and Myrtle Creek are one digit apart--97457 and 97458. That led to a lot of mis-directed mail when I was growing up.