Oregon Map

Central Oregon Coast

Lincoln, Lane, and Douglas Counties


Lane County, 97453

Mapleton is a quiet little junction settlement at the head of tidewater on the Siuslaw river in Lane county. Named in about 1886, the name comes from the big leaf maples that flourish in the area. Head east from Eugene on 126 and you will find Mapleton at the junction with Hiway 36 where a bridge crosses the river. All along the Oregon coast these "head-of-tidewater" locations used to be important for inland transport before the rails and highways arrived. The water transport location also brought sawmills and logging operations during the boom times. Now they are lucky to keep a general store and tavern in business. The Siuslaw river here can be as glassy surfaced as you will ever see. When this happens the reflections are nearly picture perfect. Pick a calm day and go take a look. You will be amazed!