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South Eastern Desert

Harney and Malheur Counties


Malheur County, 97913

Gateway to the Oregon Trail

Thunder Egg Capital of the World

Sugar beets, potatoes, onions, that's what drives the local economy in Nyssa. The Snake river brushes along the edge of town providing water, scenery and barrier to keep the Idahoans from invading. I have seen sugar beets stacked outside around here in piles as big as the Cascades (well, almost). These people can raise the heck out of sugar beets, but they can't raise the seed. That all grows in the Willamette valley because of the gentle breeze there reliably pollinates the crop. Since this is the 'Thunderegg Capital of the World' I should mention what a thunder egg is. The Indians thought they came from the Gods throwing stones at each other most of which landed near Nyssa. In fact they are rounded, baseball sized rocks that at one time were hollow, then the cavity filled with agate, quartz or other pretty stuff. When cut and polished the cut face is usually very beautiful. Just like looking at clouds, one can see an infinite variety of 'scenes' in these rocks. The thunderegg is the Oregon state rock.