Oregon Map

Mid Central Plateau

Deschutes and Crook Couties


Deschutes County, 97760

In the late 1800's my paternal forebeares migrated from Roanoke, Virginia to Terre Haute, Indiana. "Terre Haute" means "hard earth". "Terrebonne" means "good earth". Maybe that is why my people eventually made it to the Pacific ocean. Call it the "good earth" migration! Located in the far north-eastern corner of Deschutes county the high desert plain of Terrebonne is pierced by the mighty Smith Rock formation. The land supplied a meagre livelyhood for the town's residents for many years and the traffic on Hiway 97 would hardly slow in passing. Now the location is nationally known as a rock climber's Mecca and the town has settled into being a bedroom community for Redmond.